Mwangaza Trust is the brainchild of Lee Karuri and his wife Consolata Gituto. The couple, serving as the Founding Trustees, felt led of the Lord to start a local, home-grown organization that can respond to the needs of the less privileged in society, starting in Kenya and ultimately spreading across Africa.

With the vision to Transform and Empower Lives in Africa, Mwangaza has targeted the use of Education, Food Security and Economic Empowerment as the main pillars to anchor that transformational strategy, with Spiritual growth and Compassionate Intervention as critical elements.

In this short time, Mwangaza is already operating in five counties, with each county having a locally constituted board. Similarly, the main office of Mwangaza has already grown to seven employees.

We in Mwangaza are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the resources to transform Africa from POVERTY TO PROSPERITY can all be found within Africa from all those with a heart to assist and not necessarily from other continents. We endeavor to contribute toward that transformation of the African continent.

Welcome to Mwangaza and join us in this tremendous journey of transformation.

Message from the Chairman

The board of Trustees of Mwangaza Trust is delighted to report that the Vision to transform and empower lives is on course. The Trust is part of Adonai Ministries promoted by the Trustees.

During the last few years since our launch on 1st September 2011, we have established an efficient organization designed to deliver our strategy.

The humble beginnings of realizing our dream to transform and empower millions of vulnerable lives across Africa is on course.

The Board of Trustees is committed to progressively increase the number of beneficiaries in Africa across the five pillars of Mwangaza Trust in the years to come.

This shall be through syndicated resources from the Trustees, Partners, Sponsors and all Well-Wishers of goodwill. When one single individual or a family is transformed, they become a light in their community leading to a multiplier effect of change that we all desire to see. This change shall transform nations.

The trustees are also putting long-term sustainability strategies including a revenue earning business division and an endowment fund.

Our role is stewardship with a divine responsibility that our Lord Jesus Christ has given us, to create a lasting impact in Africa. Each time we experience success towards this goal, we shall continue to give all honor and Glory to our Lord. We are looking forward to a great future and handle the challenges that come along prayerfully with confidence and hope.

We shall continue to practice our values of love, hard work, innovation, humility and a giving spirit to underpin our ministry. We would like to thank God for his provision and all those who continue to support the Vision of Mwangaza Trust. We value each type of contribution or encouragement we receive and assure our partners it will go a long way in touching lives.

Arch Lee G. Karuri, Chairman, Board of Trustees