Mwangaza trust launched Kajiado branch board in July 2013 with a team of 9 members and an overseer who is a pastor. The board was mandated to start the initial preparations for the launch of Mwangaza Trust programs in the area. With the policy for Mwangaza, it was important that the community is taken through a capacity building process for them to understand how Mwangaza operates before any major program could be launched in the area. In the spirit of transforming and empowering the communities across various counties, Mwangaza Trust together with the local community and the board conducted a capacity building workshop in Kajiado from 17th - 19th September 2014 at Kimana PEFA church. The Training was attended by 136 participants with a training budget of Ksh 294,235.

The training objectives were:

  1. Capacity building for farmers and the community on:
    1. Leadership skills-
    2. Economic Empowerment-
    3. Food security-
  2. Empower the community leaders as change agents in providing solutions to their own community challenges
  3. Liaise with local CBOs, in particular, Noomayianat