By Mwangaza Trust in News

May 29, 2019

On 25th May 2019, Mwangaza Trust held a Youth Workshop with over 70 youths in attendance. The event, dubbed “Personal Branding and Integrity Workshop” was held at Kingdom Gardens Muthaiga as a part of a series of mentorship workshops for the youth.

Each month has its own thematic direction all aimed at influencing wholesome growth and development in the youth; in attendance were youth from different universities and colleges as well as students from G.O.A. Kenya.

Guest speakers such as Missionary Sam Ochieng’ and Mwangaza Trust Chairman Lee Karuri graced the event. Arch. Lee Karuri shared with the attendees the make-up of a person i.e. the inner person and the outer person.

He encouraged the youths to work on the inner person that is 70% of who they are as this is the part that carries greater weight in matters personal branding and integrity while the outer person determines 30%.

Arch. Lee Karuri cited Faith and Belief, Character and Values, stewardship of gifts and talents purpose in life, wellness and health, dressing as some of the things that make a wholesome person. These factors not only determine a brand of an individual, but they also differentiate one person from another.

When addressing corruption in the Economy, Mr. Karuri encouraged the youth to walk in integrity because it attracts favor with God and with man.