By Mwangaza Trust in News

Feb 28, 2019

With each generation, a unique opportunity is presented to us, through which we can empower youth to reach their potential. Often times we find ourselves desirous to mentor others however, we tend to lack the knowledge and skills that govern a mentor-mentee relationship. 

On 23rd February, 2019 Mwangaza Trust in Collaboration with Paul Dalizu (Founder G-tambue) launched a mentors training program, wherein we train and equip mentors with skills for engagement with their mentees. 

We were able to equip volunteers from different spheres of life as they set of on a journey to walk with students enrolled in our Education Sponsorship Program. Mentorship and leadership Training is important if we are to experience desired change in our communities. 

Some of the issues discussed include; definition of mentoring, characteristics of mentoring, what mentoring is, and what it is not, among others. As we empower other mentors, the knowledge gained can be used to create a blue-print to guide the mentor-mentee relationship. 

Through a mentor-mentee relationship, many have been able to not only exceed their expectations of themselves, but have also become a source of great inspiration to members of their communities. 

Our mentorship and leadership development programs, we have been able to walk with up-to 150 college and university students, many of whom we have seen reach out for their dreams with open arms, and their success has inspired those that look up to them.

If you would like to participate or to know more about our Mentorship programs, visit: 

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