By Mwangaza Trust in News

May 8, 2019

Mwangaza Trust Youth Economic Empowerment program has taken off in Umande Ward in Nanyuki since January 2019. The program has created employment opportunities for up to 10 youths that are currently engaged in Block making as a means to earn a living.

One of the youth above, had indulged himself in alcohol to an extent of violent behaviour towards his parent, which led him to commit arson that resulted in the destruction of his father’s house. This angered his father who reported the matter to the police and his son was arrested and charged for destruction of property.

After release, the youth had reformed and enrolled in block making training with Mwangaza Trust Community Co-ordinator, Ndegwa Mugabi who has been supervising the training of the Youth in Umande Ward.  Since January, he is making Ksh. 35,000 from the sale of blocks with a block costing between Ksh. 10-15.

Through Mwangaza Trust Youth Economic Empowerment, we hope to see many more lives transformed, and eventually empower the community in Imande Ward, Nanyuki.