This program is aimed at economic empowerment for low-income segments of society through enterprise development, financial inclusion and market access. Mwangaza Trust supports individuals, families and communities to enhance their economic development through 'Biashara Bora' initiative.

We aim to achieve this goal through: 

  • Mobilizing communities into organized groups
  • Conducting continuous field trainings
  • Conduct institutional workshops to impact technical and entrepreneurial skills
  • Organizing and conducting exchange and exposure visits to various groups within the communities 
  • Link the groups with financial and government institutions with an aim of accessing capital for business Targeting especially the youth, the program aims to help in building the requisite skills and techniques to help in setting up successful business enterprises. We work mainly through youth groups, schools and household groups.

The Biashara Bora initiative

Mwangaza Trust supports individuals, families and communities to enhance their economic development. This is carried out through 'Biashara Bora' initiative that leads to the creation of sustainable economic enterprises. The Biashara Bora clients are also offered business training, coaching and mentorship. The Biashara Bora concept is based on a “Revolving Fund” from which these groups are awarded soft loans. These are refunded by the clients in accordance with a set timetable and the state of the business. While Mwangaza is not out to profit, we believe in the dignity of our beneficiaries, and that getting them to refund the money once their enterprise is profitable is an avenue for the display of that dignity. The current business ventures funded by Mwangaza Trust range from M-Pesa shops to second-hand clothes, a butchery, vegetable stall, barber shop, carpentry shop, poultry, music production, cosmetics shops, and a hotel, among others.

How to partner with us

Contributions can be in kind or financial donations towards the program to support various groups within the communities. In addition Partners can consider enrolling as Business Mentors or Technical resource personnel through the contacts provided.