We at Mwangaza Trust believe that mentorship and leadership training is important in realizing the change needed in the communities. We also recognize that the children interact with many adults who help to shape their world view thus we actively engage the parents, teachers and various community leaders.in our sponsored children’s lives we learn more about the child's background and help to support the child through the adults within the home and community environment in which our students learn and live. Student mentorship All students sponsored under Mwangaza Trust are provided with an opportunity to undergo rigorous Mentorship every holiday.

The program is aimed at equipping the students with skills in life as well as preparing them for academic and career so that they can make a positive impact in the society. This program entails mentorship camps for the High school students, Monthly workshops for the university and college students and Mentorship in schools within various communities. During these conferences, trained counselors are on-hand to undertake one-on-one counseling with students who need such services.

Parents program

Parents are key pillars to building stronger communities through bringing up children with good values. We at Mwangaza believe that Parents are vital people in the lives of their children hence the need to empower them with skills that will enable them play their parental responsibilities. We do this through holding institutional workshops for parents at school and community level.


Teachers shape the lives of students through the transfer of knowledge, skills and moral values. Statistics show that a child spends most of their time with their teachers as compared to the time they spend with their parents. This necessitates the need to engage and empower the teacher both for classroom work and their role as a mentor. We believe that an empowered teacher will accelerate the change and transformation we desire to see in the communities. We do this through, conducting exchange programs for teachers, and holding institutional workshops.

Community Leaders

In our efforts to realize transformation in communities, we acknowledge the roles played by various community leaders and stakeholders. Engaging community leaders is necessary for successful implementation of various community projects. Mwangaza Trust holds the fundamental belief that good leadership is a pillar to sustainable development within the community. We focus on empowering leaders at all levels i.e. Church leaders, Local Administrative Leaders, Self-help Group leaders, and Commercial Village leaders.


Since 2012, hundreds of students, parents, teachers and community leaders have successfully gone through our programs in different counties, and continue to make impact in their communities. Many of these have themselves become Mwangaza mentors, volunteers and partners, who continue to transform lives and empower communities.

How you can become a partner

Contributions can be in kind or financial donations towards the various programs. In addition Partners can consider enrolling as Mentors, Counselors or resource people.

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