Ontulili Association is a residence Forum whose formation three years ago was informed by the need to have a local development committee steering own development agenda with the assumption that “the wearer of the shoes know where it pinches most” The local development committee was also seen to have home grown solutions for the development challenges that faces the community as well as ensuring sustainability of any development initiative in the area through creation of a sense of ownership among the community members The Ontulili Association committee membership is made up of representatives from all the farms that are covered by the project and also puts into consideration involvement of disadvantaged groups such as the youth and women

The project area is Umande Ward, part of Segera Ward and part of Nanyuki Ward where by the first phase will cover Umande Ward in the following villages: Mwicuiri, Nyariginu, Mukima, Githuchi, Kwa Mwaura and part of Nturukuma farms, Kalalu, Gitugi, Umande, Ruai, Tetu, Akorino, Murungai, mainly the part between Mukima Ridge and Nyariginu farms. The second phaze will cover theremaining part of Segera wars and Nanyuki Ward. Plans are under way to launch their specific strategic plans. These are small holding farms where the main practice is mixed farming. The proposed project is deemed to be implemented by Ontulili Association with financial support from Mwangaza Trust and other donors. 


Economically and Socially Transformed Community.


To facilitate holistic community development in project area through harnessing locally available and external resources for a prosperous and peaceful community.